Saturday, April 11, 2009

i am back to my bloggie

1st of all, feel bad to neglect my blog again! is really lazy to make update. life going still with classes- that all! nothing special. Through whole month, i been in a very confusing time, some error in my mind! i been worry lots i guess through the month, hope that my little sis going well. is really a bad time for me to know what happen to her. i just hope she can take care herself well and get her confirmation on her road, her path! i am blessing you here. between get my 2nd sem result, is better than i expect, thanks on the revision gang who teach me in everything i doubt on. although my result had worse than last sem, still i can say i am satisfy with it still! well, keep work hard and someone please cure my lazyness away!!! i need help, i need cure! as well, now, typing time( having a bad time) i fall asick again! kind of weak am i! i wonder why my body defend is so weak????between i am falling in love with cooking!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

holidays in home

Sem break begin and i am really growing dust instead enjoying it? well, maybe my friends still having class, i don't dare disturb them and some still in other state having class, being a long week for me. I can count what i do in my days, open my eyes, get something to eat, on9, eat, on9...sleep again, repeat days! very BORED! and i admit that i am lazy bums.lazy germs always, very lazy to go out. i rather stay at home waste all my time. so let see what i do these few days, really nonthing special, last Friday back to school, take my SPM certificate and hang around with miss yeong who do adjustment to her cert, chit chat with some teacher ( most funny still is Pn.Chan May fye- our beloved account teacher) HAHA! then went to parade shop a little while and stop by to Kopitiam, after that, meet up my sis in starbuck and get our lunch in Sushi king with her friends. Then again starbuck to get a drink. ==''' and yet just yesterday go jogging with mum early in the morning, run 3 big rounds...tired! but very fresh after running, the wind blow on my face,make me awake. go breakfast with mum and her bestie! go back home on 8am and help mum clean up , go back on9 early morning, bored! wait till 12pm, we head to JJ shopping, meet up sook lin on 1.30pm and get lunch and SING K!!! woooo=) i love sing K!!!! haha, but 2 and hour too short! next time let hang to E-box for 4 hours. Cook these day with one of my favourite-spaggeti! that day, lack food, i've cook chicken chop with brocoli, my 1st try, not bad, just a bit over salty to me! hope can improve more. Really feeling bored on doing nonthing, beside make a big clear to my own room, i'll guess i did nonthing at home.... Bored! should i learn or find something meaning to do instead wasting my time? i've watch all DVD at home, i listen all song i have, i do all things that i need to do. now is over free makes me feel bored and dull!
Gonna have class next tuesday , hope that gonna be interesting on this brand new sem! ( Intro to finance, Fundermental of management,principles of marketing,pre-Academic language training and Organisational behaviour) no idea what all these about, no image at all. Bless that i could pass all my subject which just been tested!
having a great dinner today ( mum's cook) love it! especially the sweet chicken wing, 2 steam fish and my favourite belacan sotong! haha =)
that update. got to sleep ^^

Thursday, February 26, 2009

belated birthday post

belated birthday post of mine! 1st of all, i wanna split my appreciation to my family as well friends who did wish me. =) very touch and i really appreciate a lot. hills of thanks i wanna say, truly. i got my early celebration with surprising by the Penang gang , thanks guys, really feel surprise and touch for the moment. the cake look very nice as well the cute t-shirt you guys buy for me, very very like it! thanks... ( sook kuan, liying, wei cheah, jason, boon and shirley) and those wish me for birthday. as well the real date of mine having a sweet home laid-ing and go dinner in a korean restaurant -dai cheong kam, by a korean. the food not bad, i can accept the food still and got the sea weed soup which the korean drink for birthday, and i got that !!! haha, feel the sea weed soup 1st time, not bad, quite nice. Aunty gave me an angpau as wish ^^, after that, hang around in the shopping mall for awhile, get my supper-SUSHI! i love sushi lately,crazy on japanese cruisine since last year. hehe and cut my 2nd cake for the year and is a pretty tasty mango cake, love the taste ^^ and added a wine which my sis bought last 2 year in turkey. nice taste! i drink 3/4 of it, kind of hot!!! msn with my friend with the glass of wine in air-cond room, so syok! haha, end birthday with the call with my friend-the yeong meh meh! so my day end...
EXAM is finally finish! torche me for days, stay late for study, feel scare on seeing mcd now..! gosh! i guess will be at least 1 month, i will stay far from mcd! dun ask me eat anymore..scare!!! exam finish and guess what next??? IS HOLIDAYS! 2 weeks finally!!! haha, last sem did not have any sem break after exam! this time finally have ^^get the new sem time table-monday till friday got class, oh no!!! well, gambateh!
went movie today with mum- b4 that, that pizza, aiks..service! feel anger when on that. watch benjamin button today, i love the story lots!!! really nice- i get a really deep thought after watching it, write it next time. full with dinner... arhgggg, tummy explose.! haha
tomorrow? going out? yeap, guess so..haha, that all for today

Friday, February 13, 2009

exam dilemma

plan to make my update yesterday but i am truly sleepy,so here my replacement. well, nonthing much on these days except days struggle with exam which fall on monday. well, what we can deny except accept right? today just feeling much weird with my feel which like pushing me in and out, complicated. well, is valentine today, non much but as a single still, i would like to say '' happy valentine'' to all my dearest friends who already in the unavailable line and to who still being single, wish you all enjoy being single and get another behalf for soon ^^ my cough still going heavy, gonna got kill if next week still havent get much recover. mum for sure will chop me into slices, cry~!god bless, i am fully no confidence with all the subjects in this sem, feel timeless and i feel hopeless which my understanding getting worse! well, no doubt i am being negative, anywhere just trying to release some bad mood here, i be fine now. mood gone! cough heavy, and study still on! i am hoping my days come and shine to me. neway, that all for today. Good luck to me and my friends who is taking for the exam. Add oil, exam dilemma aiks!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

days in CNY

what i had done in my chinese new year beside having a heavy throat pain and cough? 1st day as usual, back to nanny' house to get angpau LOL, but this year get back late! because all lazy bumbies had over slept! mum did a new idea this year, she didn't give us angpau straighty and she hang 6 angpau with ( 3 RM50 and 3 RM 5) over the trees, so what we gonna do??? Get a lucky pick! GUess what, i am truly lucky and get it in one shot! haha =) And this year, we heading to my dad cousin' house to make a small visit. I have my ever delicious lunch in my grandma house ^^ i love the foods and of course snack food which could not excluded! Get back to my home and continue be a ''pig'' because i am not feeling well, my mum and sis chase me back to my air cond room ^^ LOL, so i sleep without realize what happen. BLur when wake up, but i smell foods again! wonder am i a pig? sleep and food only! LOL, i got to admit! mum cook a lot vegeterian crusine that night and invite my other relatives to enjoy which is the family culture for past few year till now. Grab 2 drinks which never been realize by the elders, scare got scold due to the cough on cold drinks.haha! my 1st day end with movie in TV! been sometimes didn't be a TV addict! LOL
2nd day of mine, my youngest sis had gone to friend house. Left 4 of us and what should we do? Of course CNY is to visit the elders. so v head up to mum' relatives and get angpau again! Freaking hot day i been through, sweat around my body, i can feel that, eeewwwww! back to home, enjoy the fish crusine by dad! that is so so delicious and again alcohol time ^^ open a wine which my sis brought from Turkey 1 year ago! fruit wine which is taste nice! i drink 2 glass and guess what i feel some hotness through my whole body. LOL! end the day same!
3rd day which is so so bored! but dad again ^^ cook his most well cook for me! i ate again of course, never mist out when time for eat! haha. On9 On9 and watch a korea music programme, duh!! very nice~ i love the songs they present! and lastly i found myself programme too ^^ going out with my friend ( what a great idea) actually there already plans in mind, but at last sms one of my ''kaki''- the siu mui mui! she say yeah! so we just go to parade to have a walk and and get our dinner and not least starbuck coffee! having a pretty good time with her. End my day with cough medicine =(
4th day which is the most busy day for me. Gathering with my ex classmates. wait at yeolde there, finally found our lunch in De famous cafe with ( Janet, kai yinn, mei shan, wei nie, kky, zxin, joyce, oi,teeng) i guess that all! after head to Maria cafe to have a high tea ( get my 1st beer of day). After that teeng and kky went to my place and guess what i forget to bring my key!!! i use various way to find my key at home and after an effort, i get the KEY!!! but teeng was funny enough, she keep repeat her lines ''i hear it'' LOL, you are too cute! haha, stay at my house to watch one of the stephen chow'movie. having a relax time with snack again! after that again makan time!!! go 2 plus 1 to have our BBQ and steamboat! arhgggg, duper full, i cant even put anything to my mouth, it was crownd there! everyone enjoy with their friends and family and 3 of us too! LOL, again after that, our gathering was not finish and where we head to??? LOL, 1st time, i would like to say drinking or clubbing? We arrive to Mike's place and have half dozen beer and play cards ( and guess what again, i lose several time and got to drink drink drink). After again, we change place to Shanghai Bay, which is very nice environment, get perharps 2 bucket? or 3 bucket of beer and as well wine! i guess i drink pretty much! with added sprite which the gas easy to make a person more easy to the drunk point! and i enjoy myself in the pool! well, pool game was awesome! hope there a chance to play again. ^^get myself home which is accompany and fetch by teeng! when i reach home, i cant even stand nicely talk to my mum. My face get extreme red and feel very hot inside my body. i should not drink too much, get a hot shower and get a well sleep finally.
5th day, gathering in Kopitiam with my clubmate ( my teacher advisor, terri,her sis, and my junior-min whui) get a short time talking and update with our recent life. but terror things happen when i receive my sis' call, she almost rob by a gang of indian,how terror is that, mood had turn to the lowest point, worry keep fall apart me. luckily she is fine! god bless. Went back to home with truly tired soul, fall asleep in the home' sofa again. Awake by my mum on 4pm because we had to go studio to take photo ( family photo) arrive the bride shop and they help me to make up and guess what? I wear a tube bride gown and put on an extention long hair for the shooting, the gown was pretty nice, full white and look elegant! i have my 1st tube dress on life??? LOL..the photographer keep teaching us to pose and pose. feel so tired to get through a shooting! Finally, my starving stomache was cure after 3 hour spending in the studio, get my very good meal in KIMBALI which we use to go for lunch every sunday.
6th day, got a short meet up with my primary mate but ended just by meeting Shun Ling who is my primary mate for 6 year ( till now, i guess i know her for 12 years? ) LOL. is a big number! one of my oldest year i know. having a small chatting in YOYO which we been there b4. short time but enjoy it much! dinner again which cook by my eldest sis, LOL, still not bad dinner and guess what, my holiday should be say totally end, ended my late night still with my assignment!
7th day, wake up early morning to continue my assignment. and at last i finish on time, god bless! pack all my stuff and is time for me back to Penang again! have lunch in greentown area and i got a new T-shirt in the shop near by! ^^
End my holiday with busy??? at least i did enjoy my holidays well.
My eldest sis came to Penang on Monday night and yesterday having a hanging out with her. Watch Bride war!!! AWESOME , i love Anne hathway! she is one of my favourite always. How cool the movie is! spend my lunch in Chilis' LOL. super big meal i got! FUll again and walk around to buy some stuff and have a dinner with my sis' friend.
so far life treat still good. but have to start revision, exam is in 1 more week time! and i got to put my days in penang ! but what can i do right? so time to study for just 2 weeks and i will get my freedom back ^^
still having cough but soon will be well ^^

Monday, January 26, 2009

CNY -sick

Yeap, is 1st day of CNY and guess what, i fall asick! i guess is heavy still, get a heavy cough! arrhhhggg, i hate cough! it stop me feeling to enjoy my food, most hate is i get ulser in my mouth, that terrible, feel pain when i put something to my mouth! hate hate hate! CNY is here for once a year, when i get back to home on previous friday, i saw my eldest sis who i had rougly 3-4 months didn't meet, she look gorgeous still ( i might say maybe more that that) mature! happy for this year because whole family is here for CNY, last year, she didn't join us and back to home due to her works! CNY CNY, but mood is not with that, i hate to fall sick! i just being weak! arhhhggg..hate hate hate! hope my sick can be fast dissapear! hate being sick!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


wow, i guess this blog is growing dust, i am lazy to make any update LOL! lousy reason? well, just don't have such mood to much blogging on recent, rather spend my time on facebook as well sleeping! ^^2008 had gone, well is a month ago?? LOL, yeah right, i've started my new year 2009 almost a month, so far still the same, didn't feel any changes with it.2008 is a year full with new change? working as a promoter in memory lane ( i do have lots fun and learn something new), go form 6 and U-turn to college? well is been half year i study in college, so far so good still, just might be a bit tired? rushing assignment,spend more time on internet?? LOL, that the late zzz reason i guess. make new friends from works and college, get a chance be a promoter in maxis fair, earn some extra pocket money ^^ do well in the fair i guess? LOL, i lost my voice! BBQ in beach without light, shouting through the sea at midnight, go yum cha at midnight, fall in japanese crusine. LOTS ...haha, uncountable! well, all these i will keep as memory, between 2008 is the year i improve my cooking skill LOL, i can cook now with various dishes, not joking! haha, 2008 also a year full with seperation, all my best friends will split through different place, i miss them especially ESME! i miss you so much, lack of kaki hanging out! well, 2008 had gone, is time to look forward in 2009!
2009 -my aim to get a better result , maintain 3.5 GPA? can i do that? last sem get a 3.6, this sem hopefully i can put more effort on it ( feb exam) terror! full with the hard subjects! DIE? nope, i must pass all.....god bless! be a better human , take good care of my stomache ( sensitive one), solve all unsolve problems and be rasional whenever i do any decision. Last but not least, be positive and hope everyone of the person i care and love will be having a joyful life ^^

Today i was in the rapid bus, what i feel is, actually there still a lot good people around? there plenty people still get up from their seat when they saw any elder person step in the bus, that great attitude ! hope this kind of spirit still everlasting!
days is usual, nothing special, just is assignments due date soon again! that mean??? assignments dilemma again LOL!
lately get a lot new song ( i mean old song,just go to download some old pop) well, its remind me a lot especially my childhood time ^^ love the feeling.
the sea is calm, and the view is still pretty!